This children’s book for adult children is dedicated to my playmates and all of the many bright lights that have illuminated and continue to illuminate my life. Thank you for being you. Thank you for the courage that takes. I am here because of you. And you are here because of me. This book is for us, together.

: : :


I don’t think you

even have a mirror

big enough to see yourself



…or…am I…

that mirror?

> > > 

I see you seeing me seeing you seeing me.

< < <

In my work with subtle giants doing all kinds of things, I have the incredible opportunity to witness so much of the unseen. I get to see the temptation to not share and not be seen and why that happens. I have tried to create a process in my work with Sensitive Leadership to help more subtle giants show up. It is a practical process, a supportive process, a personal process. 

I am often asked to share my own story. My work is all based on my own personal experiences. I think it is illuminating for all.

I also know that each of you have a story. And, maybe like me, it is more useful or easier to talk about in metaphor form. I share this project as a story that has not been told because it could not be told until I used my voice to do so, and also a platform for you to share yours. I hope you will check out other stories here as they get posted and also consider sharing your own.

I experience healing as my story is told in my own voice and I witness others telling their stories in their own voice. I believe there is power in telling, because in telling we must first find the words and if we can find the words then we can certainly respond to them. 

Thank you for finding my words. I wish you all the courage in all the light available to you to find your own words.

With MUCH love,

Ane Axford