light seeking + largely light...

This is a book for those who are light seeking and large. In a world that moves so fast, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed if you naturally move in big, light ways. Trying to track all the small movements to understand them can literally make you sick when you are naturally so subtle and so big.

This book is for subtle giants. You see, we all have nervous systems and therefore a "bigger self" that goes beyond and through the physical body self that is tangible. This bigger self is picking up on so much information in our environment all the time at a very subtle, expansive, intangible level that we cannot possibly be consciously aware of it all. Our nervous systems are what allow us to be sensitive, therefore adaptive and responsive. Some people are born with a more highly sensitive nervous system, and so they are more naturally present in this subtle giant self and less present in the tangible physical part of themselves. We are all somewhere on this map, and we can all be reactive at times as well as learn how to be more responsive.

Dr. Elaine Aron has written about and studied the natural genetic trait that 20% of the population is born with called sensory processing sensitivity. She calls these people born with this trait "highly sensitive people." Her book is a part of this story.

This is the true story metaphor of one of those highly sensitive people, a subtle giant who was trying to live, and how she came to actually be fully alive in all that she is. She hopes you may benefit from her story and that you too may craft and share your own true story metaphor...

Story Metaphor Custom Bracelet

You can get a S U B T L E   G I A N T  bracelet as a reminder of this story of giant sensitivity. It creates conversations that are directed by this story rather than stories that have come before of how you "should" be. People get to know you as you see yourself. If you would like a custom bracelet with a reminder of your own story metaphor, then check out Love Rope and their mission to help you do just that. You can order a bracelet that says "subtle giant" just like this one or Tell Your Story and then create your own with words to go on your bracelet that match the metaphor you share.

Free Bird Apprenticeship Scholarship

If you would like the opportunity to work with the author and a team of others like you in freeing your light to shine into the world, make sure to Tell Your Story. Those who submit their stories will be selected to participate in an online group Sensitive Leadership experience that is personally formatted to work with you where you are to progressively show up and be seen the way you want to. You can learn more about the Free Bird Apprenticeship and practical steps to going where you are called here. When you are highly sensitive, light-seeking and large, there is a whole different way to it.